CESA-2008-005 - rev 1

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bzip2 seemingly harmless buffer overflow

Programs affected: bzip2-1.0.5 and older.
Severity: Believed harmless?

There exists a buffer overflow in decompress.c:

      GET_BITS(BZ_X_SELECTOR_2, nSelectors, 15);
      if (nSelectors < 1) RETURN(BZ_DATA_ERROR);
      for (i = 0; i < nSelectors; i++) {
         j = 0;
         while (True) {
            GET_BIT(BZ_X_SELECTOR_3, uc);
            if (uc == 0) break;
            if (j >= nGroups) RETURN(BZ_DATA_ERROR);
         s->selectorMtf[i] = j;
The problem here is that nSelectors could be specified in a malicious archive as up to 32767, but the selectorMtf array (and the selector array) only take 18002 entries.

This is probably harmless because the overflowed arrays are part of a struct that looks like this:

      UChar    selector   [BZ_MAX_SELECTORS];
      UChar    selectorMtf[BZ_MAX_SELECTORS];
      UChar    len  [BZ_N_GROUPS][BZ_MAX_ALPHA_SIZE];

      Int32    limit  [BZ_N_GROUPS][BZ_MAX_ALPHA_SIZE];
      Int32    base   [BZ_N_GROUPS][BZ_MAX_ALPHA_SIZE];
      Int32    perm   [BZ_N_GROUPS][BZ_MAX_ALPHA_SIZE];
      Int32    minLens[BZ_N_GROUPS];

      /* save area for scalars in the main decompress code */
      Int32    save_i;
      Int32    save_j;
Those big arrays subsequent to selectorMtf are both big enough to absorb the 14k or so of buffer overflow in its entirety, and are not referenced between the time of the overflow and the time of initializing them. In addition, the placement of "selector" before "selectorMtf" is fortunate because it means unused selectorMtf values won't get corrupted as the selector values are stored.

I haven't done an analysis for 2nd (or higher) order effects. For example, the overflow could lead to out-of-bounds portions of the subsequent arrays, such as "len", not being zero-initialized. If some other part of code requires on zero initialization for safety, there would be issues. It's a totally out-there idea, which is a shame because this would have made a lovely exploitation story.


CESA-2008-005 - rev 1
Chris Evans